Couples Therapy

Couples often come to counseling feeling hurt, lonely, and resentful. They tell us they are arguing all the time, and their fights are getting worse – more yelling and name-calling, or maybe not speaking at all. Sometimes, one partner feels hopeless and wonders if the relationship can be saved. Most couples wonder how an effortless connection in the beginning can become so difficult to maintain over time. The good news is that couples counseling is proven to help couples repair their relationship and feel more connected and understood. We enjoy working with couples at every stage of their relationship – whether they’re deciding to get engaged, juggling full-time jobs and young children, preparing for retirement, or planning to separate. Couples counseling can help you and your partner:

  • Learn practical skills to improve communication and manage conflict
  • Identify your needs for connection and intimacy and share them with your partner
  • Understand your unique conflict cycle and develop a new, healthy way of relating
  • Acknowledge past hurts and create a shared vision for the future

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Good news!

Couples therapy is proven to help couples repair their relationship and feel more connected and understood.

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